Boothbay Harbor Region Lights

Between the Kennebaec River and Pemaquid Point, the Boothbay Region is a very popular vacation area featuring many islands and connected waterways. There are several lighthouses here that remain active aids to navigation. All of the lights can be seen from the tour boat Argo out of Boothbay (207-633-7200).

At the entrance to Boothbay Harbor, Burnt Island Light dates from 1821. The 30 foot rubblestone tower now has a 300mm plastic lens and shines a red light with white sectors.

On a ledge off Cape Newagen stands The Cuckholds. Originally built as a fog signal building in 1892, the Cuckolds light tower was built on to the house in 1907. It shines a 300mm optic. How it got its name, I can't say.

Maine has ten Ram Islands, but only one with a lighthouse. Ram Island Light stands just north of the Cuckolds. Built in 1883, the 35 foot white brick tower on a granite base once had a walkway like Marshall Point Light up in Port Clyde. The keeper's house is still standing, and the deserted island is a nice spot for a picnic.

Hendrick's Head Light stands near the mouth of the Sheepscott river, the next river north of the Kennebec. Built in 1875, the square tower is 34 feet tall and shines a fixed white light through a 250mm plastic lens. An interesting feature is the pyramidal bell tower. The Coast Guard maintains Hendrick's HEad Light, but the residence is now privately owned.