Cana Island Light
Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin

The station at Cana Island was established in 1870, and it is still operational with the original Third Order Fresnel lens. The 81 foot tower is constructed of steel, which was wrapped around the original brick in 1902. The attached keeper's house is of the same cream-colored Milwaukee brick that is used in other Door County lights. The cast iron lantern at the top of the tower has two levels--a watch room at the top of the tower with the lantern room above containing the lighthouse's lens. To reach Cana Island you must walk across a causeway that apparently has been under water, although it was not when I visited.

Cana Island Light is Door County's most photographed and painted lighthouse. The Door County area is a perfect spot for a weekend lighthouse getaway. The lights are all in close proximity, and there are many bed and breakfasts. In the town of Bailey's Harbor, just a short distance from Cana Island, the Blacksmith Inn offers especially romantic lodging after a hard day searching out lighthouses.