Cape Canaveral Light

Cape Canaveral Airforce Station, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

The only way to get near this light is by taking the "blue" bus tour from the Visitor's Center, or during weekends when private vehicles are allowed to drive around the Kennedy Space Center.

The lighthouse was completed in 1868, but dismantled and moved a mile west in 1893 when beach erosion threatened.

The lighthouse, however, is hardly the main attraction on Cape Canaveral! The bus tour that passes by the light also includes stops at the original Mercury and Gemini launch pads and Mission Control Centers. These sites seem eerily antiquated after the passage of more than 30 years. Looking at the crude Mission Control Center reminded me of a visit to the Wright Brothers' hanger at Kitty Hawk .... during another lighthouse caper, of course.

Thanks to Jane Powell for the photo of Canaveral Light