Kennebec River Lights

The picture above was taken just downriver from the city of Bath. You can see the booms of the Bath Iron Works, where Navy destroyers and other ships are built. The Kennebec River has several lighthouses to guide the river traffic from the sea to Bath. All are active aids to navigation. The lights can be seen from vantage points on the river, or by taking one of the Maine Maritime Museum's lighthouse cruises.

The lighthouse pictured above is Doubling Point Light, which services the upper end of Fiddler's Reach. Built in 1899, the small tower uses a 300mm plastic lens.

Just downriver from the bend at Doubling Point is Maine's only set of range lights. The Kennebec River Range Lights are identical towers with flashing lights. Built in 1908, the lights guide mamriners into the proper channel when the two lights are lined up. The lights are accessible from Rt. 127 just south of Rt. 1. These lights were originally called Doubling Point Range Lights.

The 25 foot tower at Squirrel Point was built in 1898. It shines a fixed red light from a 250mm optic. You can see it from Rt. 127 about 3 miles below the range lights above.

Finally, down at the mouth of the Kennebec is Pond Island Light. Built in 1855 of brick with a granite base, the 20 foot tower has a 250mm lens. You can catch a view of it from near Popham Beach.