Manistee and Frankfort Lights

Manistee, Michigan
Frankfort, Michigan

Manistee Pier Light

Both of these lights are relatively modern. The 39 ft. tower on the Manistee Pier was constructed in 1927, and Frankfort's 67 ft. pyramid-like tower dates from 1932.

The Manistee light is just a mile and a half from US 31 on Memorial Drive, at the Fifth Ave. Beach and Park. the location is yet another beautiful beachfront park on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Just up the road to the north is Frankfort, a town which also features one of the last remaining train ferries in the country. The City of Milwaukee is inactive now, but preservation efforts are under way to transform it into a floating museum.

The Frankfort Breakwater Light is down at the end of Main St. It's light still shines from the original Fourth Order lens.

Frankfort Breakwater Light