Point Iroquois Light
Bay Mills, Michigan

This area of the upper peninsula is Chippewa Indian country. The lighthouse is located in Chippewa county, Michigan. So why a lighthouse named after an Indian tribe known to have lived in what is now western New York? Apparently an Iroquois war party made a journy across the lakes in 1662 to this point, where they were defeated by the Chippewas.

Point Iroquois Light was built in 1871, and is no longer active. The original Fourth Order lens is now on display in the Smithsonian, and the lightstation now operates as a museum. The 65 foot tall tower is open for climbing, and although there is no lens at the top, there are excellent views of Lake Superior. What I found most intriguing about this site was the amazing rock wall which is constructed of the many-colored rocks that are found along the Superior shore in this area.

The station is currently owned and operated by the Hiawatha National Forest (906-635-5311)