Marblehead Light
Bay Point, OH

At the tip of Marblehead Peninsula, at the entrance to Sandusky Bay, sits the oldest active lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Completed in 1822, the tower was originally 55 feet tall, but was raised to it's present 65 feet between 1897 and 1903. The light presently shines a flashing green plastic optic from its 10-sided lantern room.

Marblehead was called Sandusky Bay Lighthouse until 1870. The keeper's house is a Victorian structure built in 1902, which was nearly doomed to the wrecking ball in 1969 when the Coast Guard deemed it no longer necessary. Local efforts preserved it, and today it is used by the Department of Natural Resources.

The grounds at Marblehead Light are always open, and it is a beautiful spot to climb over the rocks or just sit and admire the scene.