Marquette Harbor Light
Marquette, Michigan

The town of Marquette lies about midway across Michigan's upper peninsula, on the south shore of Lake Superior. This red brick structure was built in 1866 and fitted with a Fourth Order Fresnel lens. The current optic is a DCB24 Beacon. The light is still an active aid to navigation.

This light is guarded very closely by the Coast Guard, making it difficult to get a close-up view. However, the Marquette Maritime Museum is near the light, and features two fine examples of fresnel lens. The original massive two-ton Second Order lens from Stannard Rock is on display as well as a very rare Three and One-Half Order lens from Big Bay light. The museum is open daily from May 1st through October (906-226-2006).

I was not able to get over to Big Bay, which is just west of Marquette, but that light has been converted into a bed and breakfast with lodging in the keeper's house.