Monhegan Island Light

Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan is a stunningly beautiful island ... 11 miles off the coast of Maine, shaped like a whale, with 150 foot headlands on the north side sloping down to low coves on the southern end. There are 17 miles of hiking trails through the wilds of the square mile of Monhegan, with hundreds of species of wildflowers and seabirds. Monhegan Island is also an art colony (Jaime Wyeth's studio was here for many years), with as many as 20 studios open during the peak summer months. Artistic whimsy abounds all over the island.

Monhegan's history goes back over 400 years. A lighthouse was first built here in 1824. The current 47 foot tower of unpainted granite blocks dates from 1850, and sits atop the center of the small island, 178 feet above the water. A second-order fresnel originally shone from the lantern, replaced in 1959 with a revolving DCB-36 beacon. The keeper's house is currently a museum, open only in summer.

Monhegan can be reached by an hour ferry ride from Port Clyde (year round) or from New Market and Boothbay Harbor (summer). There are several inns on the island, including the romantic Island Inn that dates from the 1800's and features many rooms with a view. There's even a cozy little library on Monhegan.

A fine art print of this lighthouse is available for purchase.