Fort Niagara Light
Youngstown, NY

In 1726, the French built Fort Niagara, which looks more like a French castle, at the mouth of the Niagara River. Early "lighthouses" on this site were nothing more than a light on top of the fort, placed there after the British captured the fort in 1759. In 1872 the present 61 foot octagonal limestone tower was put into service with a fourth order Fresnel lens. In 1900 the tower was raised in height with the addition of the section visible in the photo with more yellow colored bricks.

In 1993, when trees grew to a height that obscured the light, a modern beacon was put into service and Fort Niagara Light was deactivated. Today the fort and lighthouse are part of Fort Niagara State Park. A gift shop and museum are part of the lighthouse display, and the fort features wonderful examples of early military architecture and engineering. There are many historic re-enactments during the summer. 716-745-7611.