Piney Point Light
St. Mary's County, Maryland

Located on the Potomac River, 14 miles upstream from where the Potomac joins the Chesapeake, this tower and its adjoining keepers quarters were both built in 1836. The tower received a 4th order fresnel lens in 1855, which has been removed.. Piney Pt. was deactivated in 1964 and withstood years of neglect, until the recent renovation as the center-piece of Piney Point Lighthouse Park.

Piney Point has been called the Lighthouse of Presidents. Beginning with James Madison, Presidents and other notable Americans often vacationed at Piney Point, which is not a far journey from Washington.

The lighthouse is located just across the peninsula from Drum Pt. Light on Soloman's Island. Just a short distance from Piney Point is an excellent Chesapeake crab house, and overnight lodging with an excellent veiw of the Potomac.