Seguin Island Light

Seguin Island, Maine

Six miles out to sea, marking the mouth of the Kennebeck River, Seguin was Maine's first island lighthouse. The first tower was built in 1797, a second tower in 1820, and the present granite tower in 1857. Because of its perch atop the island, the 53 foot tower is actually 180 feet above sea level. The original first-order fresnel lens still shines 25 miles, one of only two first-order lights in New England (the other being Graves Light in Boston Harbor).

Seguin has the distinction of being one of the most foggy locales in the US, with over 2700 hours of fog in one year. That's nearly one-third of the year in fog!

Tours of the light are conducted several times a year from the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. These photos were taken from six miles away while trying to steady the telephoto lens on a boat in choppy water.