Old Sodus Lighthouse
Sodus Point, NY

A tower was first constructed in 1825 at this site on Great Sodus Bay. In 1870 it was replaced by the square tower and attached dwelling pictured here. The tower was outfitted with a Fourth Order lens. Unfortunately, this beautiful lens is no longer lit at night, because in 1901 the Lighthouse Board decommissioned the shore light in favor of the light at the end of the nearby pier.

Today the site is maintained by the Sodus Bay Historical Society, and is open to the public with a museum and small gift shop. The lighthouse is reached from Rt. 14, turning left on Ontario Street, near the firehall. Call 315-483-4936 for more information.

The town of Sodus Point is very picturesque, with a fine lakefront park and beach. There are several bed & breakfast places to stay within walking distance of the lighthouse.