The lighthouses on the American side of Lake Huron are all in the state of Michigan. In fact, Michigan has well over 100 lighthouses, including more than 60 that are still active. I think it's surprising to realize that Michigan has a shoreline on 4 of the 5 Great Lakes.

Two fine lighthouses in the Straights of Mackinac, on the Lake Huron side of the bridge, are Old Mackinac Point Light and Round Island Light. Both are inactive, but remain highly attractive lights to visit.

The majority of lights along Lake Huron's shores are tall towers rather than the short pier lights that are so prevalent on Lake Michigan. Travelling to the east and south along US 23, we find the towers of Forty Mile Point at Roger's City, and then Presque Isle's two lights. Between Presque Isle and Thunder Bay, offshore from Alpena, is Middles Island Light. Further south, toward the huge Saginaw Bay, are Sturgeon Point Light and Tawas Point Light.